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Rob Tossberg Plan It Green Printing

Rob Tossberg
Plan It Green Printing

As CEO of Plan It Green Printing, I am proud that our hard work maintaining a consistent brand and ethos, and upholding sustainable print practices, has kept my company in the top 10 of the 2016 #Blueline #Printer Ranking for North #American #Sustainable and #Forest Friendly Printers.

“The Blueline Report and Ranking has become a ‘go to’ resource for many large print customers looking to make the most sustainable choices…

We're proud to be in the top 10 North American Printers

We’re proud to be in the top 10 North American Printers

The latest scores are in! The printing landscape in North America is shifting as a result of Canopy’s award-winning Blueline Report. Customers are finding the rankings an invaluable tool to track printer sustainability metrics. In response to the November, 2015 Blueline rankings and to customer demand, numerous printers have been working to improve their standing. The results are intriguing, with printers jumping up several spots, leaders holding strong and a few surprises. Please …follow the link to the latest Canopy printer rankings.”

-Canopy Planet



Canopy is an international not-for-profit environmental organization that collaborates with more than 750 companies to develop innovative solutions to make their supply chains more sustainable, and to help protect our climate and world’s remaining endangered forests. Canopy’s partners include H&M, Sprint, Penguin Random House, Zara, TC Transcontinental, The Globe and Mail, and Scholastic. Canopy’s work relies on the support of individual donors who share our passion for the planet.

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Plan It Green helps print Evangline Lilly’s Squickerwonkers children’s book.


Plan It Green Printing work featured in ‘Print and Production Finishes for Sustainable Design’ book.

In 2002, we started to offer clients greener paper & sticker stock alternatives that bucked what 99% of printers offered, stocks that were tree-free, 100% recycled/post-consumer waste. Soy-based inks. This year our foresight, pushing the boundaries and most importantly, the far-seeing intelligence of our clients was recognized in “ Print and Production Finishes for Sustainable Design by Edward Denison, Rotovision, 2009. “…an indispensible ideas sourcebook and practical guide to what has become an important consideration for many designers: sustainability.” The book shows examples of environmentally friendly inks, varnishes, pigments, and finishes that can be used in a wide range of standard printed media. Printing innovations and specialized printing techniques using environmentally friendly ingredients are also included.

Naturally Bamboo hang tags

Naturally Bamboo hang tags -В from Print and Production Book

Mailing Labels from Print and Production

Mailing Labels – from Print and Production Book

Organic Pure Life tree free collateral from Print and Production

Organic Pure Life tree free collateral -В from Print and Production Book

Tru Vodka Corn Label from Print-and-Design

Tru Vodka Corn Label -В from Print and Design


Plan It Green Printing received 2005 CoejlSC Green Seal Recipient for Businesses Leading the Way in Environmental Practices

Beginning in 2005 the Coalition on the Environment for Jewish People Living in Southern California began a tradition of awarding business leading the way in environmental business practices – businesses with a ‘Higher Moral Standard for Business’. Along with used cardboard and cleaners businesses, we were the first to be awarded the Green Seal by City of Los Angeles Assemblymember Lloyd Levine and Faith2Green’s Lee Wallach.