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Plan It Green Printing

is conscious of the impacts of sourcing decisions
on endangered species, high conservation value forests, communities and climate, in
places like the Boreal and the Broadback Forest, Coastal Temperate Rainforests and
Indonesian Rainforests. We are working closely with not-for-profit Canopy on policy
implementation to ensure we carefully assess our fibre sourcing to avoid ancient
and endangered forest regions.

Compostable  Thermal Transfer Labels – are here!  Email us for details.

For your thermal transfer printer

Why Compostable Labels aren’t as durable as plastic labels. And why that’s a good thing.

Why do compostable labels scratch more easily than plastic labels?

Our compostable labels are printed and then we apply a water-based varnish flood coat to them.  Plastic labels are printed and usually laminated with a clear coat.

There is no doubt the compostable labels scratch more easily than the plastic labels.   

Why is this?

Because we’re concerned about the ability of the label to compost, we print the majority of small print runs (under 250-500,000) on our digital presses which print using toner ink – this means the toner ink on the labels isn’t as durable as if it was printed on a flexographic press using soy-based inks.  This aids the composting process but may be an issue regarding the durability of the art printed on the labels if they are excessively rubbed or scraped.

Compostable coffee labels

Clear compostable labels for Champion Coffee

Now, having said that, I think this a wonderful branding opportunity for business who want their customers to know what They’re doing.  The fact that the label is not as durable as plastic is precisely the point of using a compostable stock – it’s not meant to last forever, unlike a plastic sticker.  Most everybody understands, appreciates and chooses the compostable over plastic label.

Are your clients are concerned about the packaging you’re using?

Sugarcane compostable labels

About it’s end-of-life scenario?  About the fact that it is or is not plastic?  Your packaging is telling a story about your company, as well as what’s inside.  Compostable labels can be a great part of that story.

Case Study #1.

Dissolvable Labels

The Nebraska Game and Parks Department had a problem. They wanted to disburse seeds in areas of Nebraska burned by forest fires. The idea was to use the local wildlife as the means of conveyance. The animals would eat the prepared seed blocks and as they foraged in the mountains ‘deposit’ the seeds with a nice healthy dose of nitrogen as well! The seed blocks, made with molasses, needed a form of identification but just for a short period of time. Plan It Green Printing suggested and printed dissolvable label stickers for the blocks. When it snows or rains, the labels dissolve. The labels are made of wood cellulose and cause no harm to the environment.

The New York City Department of Transportation recently asked Plan It Green to print dissolvable stickers for their parking citation bureau. The labels are applied to parking signs and then written on to alert citation crews if they should issue tickets. The labels dissolve when it rains or snows, leaving no residues or buildup. The labels are made of plant starch and cause no harm to the environment.

Green printing printers los angeles california

Plan It Green Printing ranks in Top 10 Sustainable & Forest Friendly Printers in North America.

Canopy Blueline Report

Canopy Planet releases THE BLUELINE REPORT: 2015 Sustainable Assessments.

Plan It Green Printing Top 10 Ranked Sustainable & Forest Friendly Printers in North America

The ‘Blueline’ Check list for Printers:

  1. Develop a leading Forest Conservation Policy with a credible environmental organization.
  2. Report transparently on their sustainability actions, including measurable goals and progress towards achieving them
  3. Ensure they are not sourcing paper from endangered forests or controversial sources.
  4. Ensure they they are helping you meet your targets on recycled content and FSC certified fiber.
  5. Engage their other customers in the development of sustainable printing policy requirements and educate their clients on ecopaper attributes.
  6. Work with a credible ENGO such a Canopy to help stimulate the development of new ecopaper options, improve the on-the-ground practices of forestry companies and advance conservation legacies.


How You Print Improves Your Bottom Line

If you still believe that printing plastic labels is cheaper than printing on a ‘green’ material, you’re working with the wrong printer!  Printing sustainably is a great way to let customers know your company is both concerned about the environment and engaged enough to switch from plastic to plant labels.

Questions?  Let us help.

Smart organizations understand that printing responsibly can enhance their brand image in significant ways. Consumers prefer to buy ‘green’ when given a choice.

Today, the multitude of sustainable paper stocks, printing methods, and certification bodies require an education in and of itself.  Offset vs. digital.  Inks vs. toner.  BPI Compostability vs. European Certification.  Recycled vs. compostable.   Sustainability, Chain-of-custody and end-of-life questions.

Because of Plan It Green Printing’s unique level of expertise with earth-friendly printing methods and materials, companies turn to us to assist them in navigating this new landscape.

environment green booklets packaging non profit

word press los angeles magento


“Thanks again for all your efforts — the stickers looked great and were a hit!”

— Vicki Caldwell, Account Executive, Dell, Inc.

“Rob is incredibly easy to work with, very knowledgeable about environmentally-friendly printing, and consistently delivers high quality work. My office has hired him for dozens of jobs over the years and we wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

— Amanda Leigh Shaffer
Director of Communications at Urban & Environmental Policy Institute
Occidental College

“Thanks for being a great printing partner! We are happy to be growing and working with Plan It Green. I’ve always enjoyed our businesses relationship. Thanks for all your work!”>— Green Heart Foods

“Plan It Green Printing is an epic company with amazing values of sustainable printing and smarter branding through the use of innovative methods and materials….clearly an easy choice for us to work with them!”

— Synergy Organic Clothing

“Thank you for making my labels look amazing!”

— My Real Earth

“The stickers arrived today and they look great! Many thanks for the quick response.”


Who Works With Us?

  • Dell
  • Singularity Universtiy
  • First & Goal Seatac Stadium
  • Microsoft
  • eBay
  • Patagonia
  • California Audubon Society
  • Heal the Bay
  • Greenpeace
  • Surfrider Foundation
  • Hip City Veg
  • Save Hetch Hetchy
  • Beverly Hills Juice
  • Bon Appetit @ The Getty Museum
  • Beyond Searsville Dam
  • The Great Orange Park
  • Tortillas de la Tierra
  • American Rivers
  • Green Heart Foods
  • Colorado State University
  • Cisco Bros.
  • Urban Environmental Policy
    Institute/Occidental College
  • NYU Langone Medical
  • CSU Ft. Collins
  • CSU Boulder
  • Sonoma State U
  • Iowa State University
  • California State University at Irvine
  • San Diego Unified School District
  • Vancouver Aquarium
  • Cradle to Cradle
  • NYC Dept. of Transportation
  • Smitten Ice Cream
  • Cradle to Cradle
  • Ecover
  • Essential Living Foods
  • Alluvian Botanical Grooming
  • Nebraska Game & Parks Commission
  • Mountain Mel’s
  • Champion Coffee
  • Silver Lining Entertainment
  • Squooshi Corp.
  • Tart Bakery
  • Flying M Coffee Garage
  • APEC Water Systems
  • Supernature EU
  • 9 Organics
  • Seattle Museum of Pop Culture
  • KASHI Foods
  • KPFK Radio
  • Houston Zoo
  • Lost Trail Ski Area
  • prAna
  • Blue Smoke Coffee
  • Burton
  • Lido Chem
  • Taylor Maid Farms
  • Temple Tea
  • Teko Socks
  • Snapware
  • Smak Food Co.
  • Wend Magazine
  • Lydia’s Organics
  • Synergy Organic Clothing
  • Nam Vietnamese
  • UCLA Reggae Festival
  • Wooly Pockets Gardening
  • Univ. of Cal. Irvine – Otis College

Plan It Green Printing work featured in ‘Print and Production Finishes for Sustainable Design’ book

In 2002, we started to offer clients greener paper & sticker stock alternatives that far exceeded what 99% of printers offered. Stocks that were tree-free, 100% recycled/post-consumer waste. Soy-based inks. Now our foresight and the far-seeing intelligence of our clients has been recognized in “ Print and Production Finishes for Sustainable Design by Edward Denison, Rotovision, 2009. “…an indispensible ideas sourcebook and practical guide to what has become an important consideration for many designers: sustainability.” The book shows examples of environmentally friendly inks, varnishes, pigments, and finishes that can be used in a wide range of standard printed media. Printing innovations and specialized printing techniques using environmentally friendly ingredients are also included.

Our News

Plan It Green Printing Announces Success of Dissolvable Labels for Earth-Friendly Organizations

Plan It Green Printing, one of North America’s leading earth-friendly printers, recently announced the success of printed dissolvable labels for major organizations across the U.S. Groups such as the New York City Department of Transportation, Cradle to Cradle® and Bon Appetite Management Company now use dissolvable labels to create greater efficiency, save time and help the environment.
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Plan It Green Printing Caters to the Food and Beverage Industry with Ecofriendly Printed Labels

Plan It Green Printing, one of North America’s leading earth-friendly printers, recently announced successful green printing projects for a variety of food and beverage companies. Clients include food services, food producers and food packagers who seek eco-friendly printing solutions for printed labels and more. Plan It Green offers a variety of sustainable printing options for businesses and organizations that require printed materials, yet want to limit the negative affect they have on the environment.
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