Plan It Green Printing Announces Success of Dissolvable Labels for Earth-Friendly Organizations

Dissolvable Labels Help Save Time and the Environment

Los Angeles, CA – September 5, 2012 – Plan It Green Printing, one of North America’s leading earth-friendly printers, recently announced the success of printed dissolvable labels for major organizations across the U.S. Groups such as the New York City Department of Transportation, Cradle to Cradle® and Bon Appetite Management Company now use dissolvable labels to create greater efficiency, save time and help the environment. Rather than having to manually remove stickers after they have been used, dissolvable labels come off when subjected to a steady stream of hot or cold water for 15-30 seconds, whether outside in rain or snow, or inside in a sink or dishwasher. The dissolvable labels are made of plant starch and cause no harm to the environment, a perfect option for organizations that seek environmentally sound print solutions.

Bon Appetite Management Company, which provides food services for a sustainable future, uses Plan It Green Printing dissolvable labels in their catering business. For example, in work for The Getty Museum Food/Cafeteria Center, Bon Appetite uses the stickers to label food storage containers. The labels, can be written on with the time and date when the food was prepared, making it safe and easy for health agencies and staff to tell the age of food products. Once the containers have been used, the age labels simply dissolve when they are washed, saving untold time and energy.

The New York City Department of Transportation uses Plan It Green Printing to create dissolvable labels for their Parking Citation Bureau. The labels are applied to parking signs and then written on to alert the parking citation crew if they should or should not issue tickets. Instead of having to manually remove the labels after use, the weather does the removal work for them. The labels simply dissolve when enough rain or snow falls, leaving no residues or buildup.

In keeping with their overall commitment to the environment, Cradle to Cradle uses dissolvable stickers for Cradle to Cradle CertificationCM labels. Companies that are awarded this prestigious and rigorous environmental certification receive either Basic, Silver, Gold or Platinum status. When certification papers are awarded, they are affixed with Plan It Green Printing’s dissolvable labels to denote the status achieved.

Rob Tossberg, founder and president of Plant It Green Printing, commented, “Increasingly, organizations are realizing the importance of using green products and technologies. And eco-friendly options continue to advance and improve as interest in them rises. In addition, as is the case with dissolvable labels, green products can actually save time and make life easier for companies. They are good for the environment and good for business, and such a great branding opportunity.”

About Plan It Green Printing:
Today, companies see the benefit in green printing: the opportunity to brand their products and company as caring about the environment and optimistic about the future. From Walmart to Honda, companies ‘get it,’ and increasingly customers buy and prefer green when given a choice. Businesses, educational, religious, environmental, animal and scientific groups of all sizes are concerned about sustainability and against water pollution, plastics/degradation of plastic and their affects on animals and humans. Deforestation, pollution and extinction are just a few of the side effects of traditional printing, and the public is increasingly aware of this. Many businesses and consumers demand to know how companies’ products are printed and packaged. With Plan It Green Printing, you’re assured that your printed products help minimize our footprint on the environment.